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Bahagia Eza Edmond MP3

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Title:Bahagia - Eza Edmond (Official Lyric Video)

Duration: 4:20

Quality:320 Kbps

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Kedukan Bukit inscription

The Kedukan Bukit Inscription was discovered by the Dutchman M. Batenburg on 29 November 1920 at Kedukan Bukit, South Sumatra, Indonesia, on the banks of the River Tatang, a tributary of the River Musi. It is the oldest surviving specimen of the Malay language, in a form known as Old Malay. It is a small stone of 45 by 80 cm. This inscription is dated the year 11, 02, 605 Saka (1, 05, 683 AD). These inscriptions were written in a sister system of Vatteluttu and Grantha called the Pallava alphabet, developed by ancient Tamils to write Tamil and contain numerous Sanskrit words. George Coedes states the inscription tells us, "that on April 23, 682, a king began an expedition (siddhayatra) by boat, that on May 19 he left an estuary with an army moving simultaneously by land and sea, and that, a month later, he brought victory, power, and wealth to Srivijaya. This anonymous king is almost certainly the Jayanasa who founded a public park two years later, on March 23, 684, at Talang Tuwo..."

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